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Sustainable Tourism

At Llamapath, we are proud of our efforts to promote and practice sustainable tourism. We believe that sustainable tourism encompasses:


Conservation of biological and cultural diversity


Sustainable use of ecological resources to ensure minimal impact.

Support for local economies

Through increased local revenue, jobs for local populations, and use of local supplies and services.

Community empowerment

Community empowerment by encouraging participation in management of local tourism activities.


Increased environmental and cultural awareness that further encourages local communities to preserve the environment.

Minimal Impact

Minimal environmental impact on local resources by the tourism industry.

How Llamapath is making a difference

Our Porters, “The Red Army”, are known for being the the best treated of all the porters on the Inca Trail. We provide good quality equipment, uniforms, a fair and legal wage, and insurance for all our porters. This ensures their wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of their families and the communities they come from.

Our porters are part of the Llamapath family, so we also provide them with clean and comfortable accommodation here in Cusco, known as the Llamapath Culture House (more information below). This gives them an area where they can relax before and after treks, as many of them live several hours from the city. We also organise social events, such as parties to celebrate the beginning and end of the season, as well as weekly football matches.

Llama Path Culture House

Is a community project set up to help under-privileged children from the local community, support our porters, and also provide a local experience for travellers.

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Our commitment to the environment

On all our treks, we do everything we can to ensure we leave as little impact as possible. We educate all our guests to be respectful of the Inca sites we visit, and to always bring their garbage with them off the trails.

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Cleaning up the treks

We have many hands from our army of porters and guides, so it doesn't take long to collect the plastic bottles and other garbage to return the trails to their original condition.

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