Llama Path Payment Options

You can now proceed with the Payment of Deposit requiered to confirm your reservation.

PLEASE: Make sure to add the fees associated with your PayPal / VISA transaction (aprox. 4.5%) Llama Path will be sending  you a receipt indicating the exact amount we received from you and the amount of the balance to be paid upon your arrival in Cusco.

Payment of the deposit can be made through any of the 2 following options:

1) Paypal: Click PAYPAL buttom below and follow the instructions.

2) VISA: Click VISA buttom below and follow the instructions. At the end of the transaction, you will have a screen with an order number. Please send an email confirming deposit and the order number you have been given.

Pay now with VISA

The Local Payment (Payment of Final Balance): We require you to pay your final balance in cash (Soles or USA dollars) in our office at least 48 hours prior to tour/trek departure (please advise if you have any delays on arrival).

The Local Payment can be paid in cash and in US dollars or Peruvian Soles.

NOTE: If paying in Peruvian Soles it will be applicable the Exchange Rate of the Day.