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About us

We offer a variety of treks and tours all over Peru, including the Inca Trail and a variety of alternative treks to Macchu Picchu. Llama Path was started in 2003 by Jose Gongora, and has rapidly grown to become one of the top agencies in Cusco


Llama Path is a fully licensed, professional tour operator based in Cusco, Peru. We offer a variety of treks and tours all over Peru, including the Inca Trail and a variety of alternative treks to Macchu Picchu.

Llama Path was started in 2003 by Jose Gongora, and has rapidly grown to become one of the top agencies in Cusco. We are dedicated to consistently provide excellent service, and take pride in our unique and innovative policies regarding ethical tourism and porter welfare.

Excellent service

All of our guides, cooks, porters and operational staff are professional, and will go above and beyond to make sure your trip to Peru, is the trip of a lifetime

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Porter Welfare

We want to ensure our porters are the best treated on the Inca Trail. This includes providing uniforms, good quality equipment, a fair and legal wage, and medical insurance to cover any injuries.

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A Leader in Ethical & Sustainable Tourism

We are committed to using eco-friendly products, and always sourcing our produce from local providers.

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About us

Our Guides

Our expert team of guides are all local to the Cusco area, speak fluent Spanish and English, and the majority also speak Qhechua (the native language of Peru).

Every guide has a university degree in tourism, and a minimum of two years experience under their belt.

They are full of energy, and extremely knowledgeable about the native flora and fauna, Incan sites, culture and history, and are always ready to share the stories and legends of the Andean people.

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Marco was excellent, he was very knowledgeable/passionate about Incan/Peruvian history and he shared that with the group. My friend and I were slower than the rest of the group but Marco made sure to keep pace with us to make sure we didn't fall far behind.

Daniel is an amazing guide. I honestly can't picture a better fitting guide for our group. Daniel is very light hearted, funny, relaxed and really knows how to set the tone/mood of the group. From the beginning he removed all the pretenses and said we are panay (sister) and waikys (brother), this really set the tone for our trip.

Anibel is extremely knowledgeable about Incan history which shows through the trek. He's also a very fun dude which made the trek seem more like you were hiking the Inca Trail and visiting Machu Picchu with a good friend, who wanted to share his heritage. Everything about the trek was handled professionally, which made the entire experience more enjoyable.

Our Porters
The Red Army

Porter welfare is crucial to Llama Path’s values and philosophy. We understand that well-treated porters are essential to providing excellent service, and ensuring you have a great trek. We provide good quality equipment, uniforms, a fair and legal wage, and insurance for all our porters.

This ensures their well-being, as well as the well-being of their families and the communities they come from. The root of our social commitment comes from the Inca concept of Ayni. Ayni is the idea that if you give something with no expectation of receiving something in return, the person who benefits will one day be in the position where they can give to someone else, so the whole community benefits.

The porters not only carried so much equipment, but they were there cheering us along the whole way. Llama Path really treats the porters with respect and that is important to me.


The porters were incredible and made sure our camp was always ready for us, along with water and anything else we might need. It was evident Llama Path as a company, and the employees, all care a great deal about them, and make sure they are treated really well.


It was evident that some of the other tour companies found ways to overload and underprepare their porters. Not with Llama Path. They also provide a house that the porters can stay at for free in between treks.


Fredy is our head porter, and is in charge of making sure that all our porters are well-equipped and properly looked after, so they are fit and ready to head out on the trail whenever required.

Fredy is one of the longest standing members of the Llama Path staff, having worked with Jose right from the outset, and is a crucial member of the team. Although as a guest you probably won't meet him, Fredy is always there in the background making sure your tour runs smoothly.

Our chefs

Our chefs are, quite literally, culinary geniuses, able to whip up some of the tastiest food you'll have on your whole trip. In isolated enviroments and harsh conditions, the delicious food they prepare will never cease to amaze you.

The food on Llama Path treks is a mixture of traditional Andean food, alongside western style dishes. We can accommodate any dietary requests, including vegetarian and vegan meals. We assure you that you will not go hungry, and will have plenty of sustenance and energy throughout the trek.

The food was amazing (especially for being in the middle of no-where)! Lots of meat, potatoes, rice, vegetables. They even made breakfast omelets, and pizza once. This is a trip of the lifetime and this is the company to go with ! :)


Our chef Balvino made sure we did not go hungry, and constantly fed us AMAZING food. I will 100% over and over be recommending this company to my friends and family.


The cook, and the horsemen went ahead to set up camp for us, and cook us the most amazing meals – 5 course, restaurant quality meals with the freshest ingredients. and they also cater to anyone who has food allergies or specific diets.


Office staff

Our staff

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